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We have carried out literally 1,000's of projects in sensitive food and drink environments.

Ever had a contractor remove their beard snood or bring a drink into your factory?Our highly trained and experienced site operatives understand the specific importance of work permits, inductions and obeying site rules and strict clothing and eating / drinking requirements.


We have carried out floor repairs, coatings and complete installations to appliance bays, walkways and changing rooms. We are the recommended flooring contractor in numerous Airport Fire Stations, and area Fire Authorities.

After spending the last 10 years working in Fire Stations throughout the UK, we understand the requirements of flooring systems in Fire Stations.


The Chemical Industry is another area we have extensive experience of applying floors. The key to getting a floor right in these environments is to ask the right questions at the start - what will come into contact with the floor, and for how long?

At that point you can create a specification that works for the client.


We have installed more than 100,000 square metres of epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings to warehouses, garages and workshops.

Our experience working in warehouses includes concrete repair; expansion joint repair and in filling; floor coatings and screeds; line marking, hatchings and floor signs; and anti slip walkways and loading bays.


We have worked at private airfield and commercial airport hangars and aprons across the country for many years.

We have specific experience in flooring systems that can resist Avgas and Jet Fuel; anti static flooring systems that dissipate static build up and specialist cold curing repair mortars and expansion joint fillers to repair aprons.


Resin flooring systems have increasingly become a part of the Education sector of the last decade, and we have been at the forefront of implementing this change.

Our long lasting resin flooring systems are regularly used in school kitchens, classroom workshops and storerooms. We also have a range of resin bound surfacing for external school landscaping.


Resin flooring systems have started to crossover from solely industrial to the commercial market over recent years, and we have been at the forefront of that change.

We have installed epoxy coatings into garden centres; epoxy screeds into car show rooms and galleries; heavy duty resin screeds into butchers and decorative resin screeds into offices.


We have experience in specifying the right product in the Printing industry, which is often fraught with difficulties when it comes to flooring.

We understand floors have to be resistant against corrosive inks; easy to clean for spillages; occasionally anti static to prevent explosion risk and abrasion resistant to withstand heavy loads. We can worth with you to get the right flooring solution.

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