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Tesco Bakery

July 25th, 2017 Will Amey

Vuba has carried out resin flooring installations to more than 20 Tesco stores throughout England, Wales and Scotland. Tesco specified VubaScreed Ultracrete for its durability, chemical resistance and food safe chemical composition.

Our polyurethane resin flooring system, Ultracrete, is much more hygienic than the traditionally used tiles because it is installed as one seamless finish instead of having the bacteria trap of grout between tiles.

Luton Airport

July 25th, 2017 Will Amey

The 500m2 fire station floor at Luton Airport had been slowly deteriorating over recent years. The airport Service Manager recognised the problem and knew what was required moving forward

TCL Packaging

July 25th, 2017 Will Amey

Vuba has worked for TCL Packaging since it’s inception, almost a decade ago. Having successfully installed all of the floors at their old warehouse in Telford, TCL Packaging asked us to help them with a floor for their large brand new printing facility.

TCL Packaging required an anti static floor coating that would meet with the standards contained within BS8204-6 for conductivity. In addition, the coating had to stand up to chemical attack from printing ink and heavy duty traffic from forklift trucks.


July 25th, 2017 Will Amey

We were chosen to carry out the specialist flooring work at Cawingredient’s new manufacturing plant in North Yorkshire. The facility is a blueprint of the most modern high tech process, production and storage operations available today.

We were required to install a food safe, heavy duty system across the large wet process area and a flexible tough finish across a concrete mezzanine floor.

Radley College

July 25th, 2016 Will Amey

Radley College is a leading independent boarding school founded in 1847, and has been home to the likes of former England Cricket Captain, Andrew Strauss. The College called us to help with their workshop flooring problems.

We carried out tests on the floor using a Concrete Rebound Test Hammer (Schmidt Hammer) to determine the compressive strength of the subfloor structure. Upon analysis of the results we decided to carry out isolated areas of subfloor replacement using a specialised polyurethane mortar, and to consolidate the remaining subfloor using Fortex, a penetrating hardening primer.

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